McGraw-Hill Wonders: Digital Tools & Small Group Resources

For PD on Friday, October 28, 2016








wonders-tech-module Presentation for Wonders Digital Tools

Recommended Wonders Calendar for Calvin Smith, 2016-2017


wonders-small-group-module Presentation for Small Group Resources

Options: whole-group-small-group-instruction  OR alternating-small-group-schedule

Poem we used in our Workshops today: Chaos

Site that has some fun Rebus Puzzles for kids

Calvin Smith Center Ideas Brainstorm- 2016 10
Activity K-3  4-6
ANY Subject: Computers/webpage x x
ANY Subject: Memory x
ANY Subject: Quizizz x
Chinese: Game x x
Chinese: Reading a book or passage x x
Chinese: Writing Chinese Characters x x
Language Arts: Analogies x
Language Arts: Wonders Worksheet x x
Math: Noggle x
Music x x
Reading: Sight Words x
Reading: SQUIRT x
Reading: Using accents to read a passage aloud in character voices x x
Spelling: BINGO x
Spelling: Fly Swatter Spelling x
Spelling: Sort x x
Spelling: Spelling City with Chromebook x
Spelling or Writing: Utah Compose x
Spelling: ZAP x
Word Work: Build a Word x
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