Aide Schedule for the New Year

updateCalvin Smith teachers, here is the initial draft of the schedule that starts for this new semester!

  • **Tuesday the 17th is an adjusted schedule since it’s the day for Kindergarten DIBELS testing.**
  • **1st grade, 3rd grade, and 5th grade will start on the 17th, and the rest including partner planning will begin on Wednesday the 18th.**

Aide Schedule as of 2017 01 16 (PDF)

Here are the updates that were made after considering middle of year data and needs.



  1. Adding a 3rd aide during a.m. kindergarten power up time
  2. Moving 5th grade power up to a.m. before lunch so that it’s not so hard to be on time to it after lunch
  3. Opening up afternoon slots for an ELL group with Mrs. Douglas and 3 times available for intensive groups and progress monitoring
  4. Swapped some partner planning times so that they weren’t during some teachers’ switch times
  5. Added transition times to the printed schedule so that aides know when to start cleaning up and heading to their next appointment so that they can be on time

If you notice any errors, let me know!

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