About Mrs. Jensen

I have been married to a guy named Dave since 1998. I’m a mother of 3 (Emily, our angel daughter stillborn in 2000, Nate, born in 2001, and Cooper, born in 2006.)

In the year 2000 I graduated from Brigham Young University and accepted a job as an elementary school teacher in Utah’s Granite District.  I have been teaching ever since, with 2 years off in the middle when Natalie was a baby.

I have taught in both 1st and 2nd grades, at 2 different elementary schools: Pleasant Green and Calvin Smith. In 2015 I became the Literacy Coach at Calvin Smith, which means I support the K-3 teachers with their literacy instruction.

I LOVE teaching, because it allows me to share my love of learning with others so that they can become life-long learners, too.

Thank you for visiting my website!