Small Group Interventions for ELA

(Focused on phonemic awareness and phonics)

Small Group Intervention for ELA– PPT in PDF form

Here is a link to the actual PPT that you can download and edit as needed.






Tier 2 Lesson Plan Templates can be found on the Granite School District Intranet under “School Literacy Coach.”  I will include a simplified version here, Phonics Lesson Templates- Tier 1 and 2, that I have been drafting , in case you’d like to give it a try and give feedback on ways to make it better!  For a copy of the original in digital format, email me with granite email address starting with rjensen.








The routines we shared about and practice at this PD were High-Frequency Words, Phonics & Blending, and Spelling routines.   To access the Instructional Routine Handbook digitally, go to McGraw-Hill connectEd and use the demo account username and password that we gave you inside your packet at the PD, OR go through the GSD Portal to use your own login, and search for the resource by title.

In our district, many principals have purchased a copy of this resource from the Granite District Printing Department, so you may have one in your classroom already!  Here is what the cover looks like:








Here is the page that shows you many Wonders Tools for Small Group Intervention that you can find to access lessons, activities, and word lists to help you with your lessons.



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