Researcher Presentation- TEAL 7322

Here are some resources that will help you learn more about the researcher Jan Hasbrouck, as well as the fields she studied!

Here is a copy of my presentation in PDF format: Jan Hasbrouck- Researcher Presentation

Jan’s Video on the Importance of Fluency

Jan’s Video on Using Data in Instruction

Here is a link to Jan Hasbrouck’s website, where I found some pretty interesting documents information, and ideas!  One of the other websites that she contributes to is  Take some time to explore this one, too, especially the “Downloadable Resources” link, and the CCSS Big Sheets!

This is a page that you can print and keep as a reference if desired.  It compares Hasbrouck & Tindal (2006) Oral Reading Fluency Norms to the 2016 DIBELS goals for grades 1-3, in case you are interested: DIBELS goals compared to Hasbrouck & Tindal (2006)

One of the several books she coauthored:





Links to some of Jan’s articles:

About Fluency: “Drop Everything and Read– but How?”“Understanding and Assessing Fluency” , and the one she wrote with Tindal in 2006: “Oral reading fluency norms: A Valuable assessment tool for reading teachers

For Reading Coaches: Student-Focused Coaching


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