1st Grade ELA Class: Small Group & Interventions

Guided Reading

What is it?  Guided Reading Frayer Model:







How should I divide the time?  One Idea:  1) Warm-Up, 2) Focus, 3) Connected Text

Small Group Reading Group Goals

What you choose for the warm-up, focus, and connected text depends on the needs of the students in each group.  Data vs. Guided Reading Activities

Who should be doing the most work?  Ask yourself, how many minutes per day are my students actually reading aloud, whether independently, with a partner, or as a group? Engaging Ways to Read








What should I look for, and which prompts should I use as students are reading? Miscue Analysis








What are some ideas to help my students with multisyllabic words?  95% Group

Observe an example of a well-below level, below level, on level, and above level 1st grade group.  What patterns did you see?  What are your take-aways?

Reading Interventions

What is it?  GSD Intervention Definition

HOW can I increase the time, intensity, & focus?

How can I tell if the intervention is working?  Intervention Record Sheet








What do I do if it’s not working?  What do I do if it is?


What can I have the rest of the class doing while I meet with students for guided reading?  REVIEW or PRACTICE.  Do NOT have students do something brand new that they can’t do independently yet.  Center Brainstorm Page  Which centers would you like to know more about?

Center Planning Page

Speaking of Planning…

Here is next year’s “At-a-Glance Yearly Planning” page!  See an example of what it might look like filled in with either phonics focus and/or writing focus.



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