1st Grade ELA Class: Pacing for Foundational Skills

PPT Handouts- 1st Grade 2017 10– PDF of key slides from the presentation






Here is a page where you can download your Utah Core State Standards, including pages that show vertical alignment from K-5, to see how your grade level compares to other grades.








UCSS- RF- Grade 1– Just the 1st grade RF standards, all on one page, at-a-glance.









Curriculum Mapping 2017-2018- Updated 2017 10 26– Blank Curriculum Map, PDF


(I will add an example of a filled in 1st grade example ASAP. Nov. 7th, 2017)






Wonders- Themes & Essential Questions- K-6– See the 2nd page of this PDF for all of your 1st grade Themes and Essential Questions, one page at-a-glance.









ELA HFW- Grade 1– To see which weeks inside Wonders each high-frequency/sight word is introduced.






Wonders Sound-Spelling Card Actions– Thank you, Michele Christopher from Pleasant Green kindergarten team!








Here is a page you could use to plan a week of Wonders Word Work: Word Work Planning Page- Grade 1.  Here is a link to an editable copy; it is created in Microsoft Publisher.







One of your gifts for participating in this session was a set of 6 “Sound-Spelling Card” Mats.  I could not yet find the digital copy of this card (as of 11/7/17), but I did find one that includes the spellings, which may work even better for first grade students!! Sound Spelling Card Mat







For digital copies of the phonics lesson template(s), see the previous blog post that shared docs from the Small Group Intervention PD that was given on October 26th, 2017.

And lastly, here are the Blending/Dictation Cards that an amazing 1st grade teacher from Pleasant Green made and is willing to share; THANK YOU, Barb Taylor!

Wonders Blending Dictation Start Smart  Wonders Blending Dictation Unit 1    Wonders Blending Dictation Unit 2  Wonders Blending Dictation Unit 3  Wonders Blending Dictation Unit 4  Wonders Blending Dictation Unit 5  Wonders Blending Dictation Unit 6


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